Estate Planning, Sam’s Club Style

Along with buying all of your favorite items in bulk (like a 36-can case of Diet Dr. Pepper!), you can now get your estate plan done at a discount at Sam’s Club.

Yes, you read that right, Sam’s Club is now offering estate planning as well as other legal services.  Well, OK, that’s not exactly accurate.  While the retail warehouse club that is owned by Walmart hasn’t gone out and hired itself a bunch of attorneys and stationed them in its 640+ stores, it has teamed up with LegalZoom to give its business members up to a 25% discount on LegalZoom products.  This includes things like incorporating a business, idea protection, and wills and trusts.

And that’s not all – Sam’s Club business members can also shop for personalized health care plans (in collaboration with Aenta) and payroll services (in collaboration with Execupay).  Who knows what will be next?


2 thoughts on “Estate Planning, Sam’s Club Style

  1. As practicing attorney in Massachusetts I knew very little about trusts but I did act as guardian ad litem a number of times (examining probate trust annual accounts). I was paid just to sign my name. No one ever questioned if I knew what I was doing. I really didn’t. I did what I was told and billed the attorney representing the trust. Inasmuch as I was a fledgling attorney with a wife and young child I was grateful for the money and took it. Later in my career as trust officer of a bank I became enlightened and realized that probate was expensive, time consuming and complicated. Some of the expenses of probate are, I feel, unnecessary. Since that time I have avoided probate whenever I was sure it was not necessary and
    when I felt there was a better alternative.

    • Mr Bobo—Thank you for the honest comments. So true. I, as a lay consumer, got HORRIBLE advise from so-called professionals. Caveat emptor was never more true. Bad advice abounds.

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